Testing the GoGo Board using the GoGo Monitor

The GoGo Monitor is an application that can be used to control the GoGo Board’s functionality. It is a convenient tool to demonstrate or test the GoGo Board. It also allows a user to write scripts or programs that can be downloaded to the GoGo Board and run while disconnected from a computer. The language used is based on “Cricket Logo” a derivative of the Logo programming language. Cricket Logo was developed at the MIT Media Laboratory.


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Getting Started

Install the GoGo Monitor

Make sure to install before plugging the GoGo Board into the USB port. This process will install the necessary drivers for you together with the Monitor application. Once installed, connect the GoGo board to any available USB port on your computer. Upon power-up, your computer will notify that it has detected a new device and it should install the drivers automatically.

Windows 7, 8, and 8.1

For Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 users, the driver installation will fail. Please use the separate driver file provided above instead. Extract the downloaded ZIP file and right-click on the file named “cdc_NTXPVista.inf” and select “install”. Make sure the certificate file “cdc_ntxpvista.cat” is located in the same folder during installation. You may need to power cycle the GoGo Board for this new driver to work.


Using the GoGo Monitor

After launching the GoGo Monitor, press the connect button. The program will scan all serial ports to locate the GoGo Board. If it fails, then try restarting the board and the GoGo Monitor then retry. Important: You should quit the GoGo Monitor before resetting the GoGo Board. If the problem persists, then it is likely that the driver has not been correctly installed.

GoGo Monitor

Once connected, you can click on the various control buttons to experiment with the GoGo Board functionality. To test a GoGo Board, it is recommended that you run the test script from the Download section above. To run the script, select the “Logo Procedures” tab and press the open button to open the “test program.gogo” script. Once opened, press the “Download” button. You will hear a beep from the GoGo Board indicating that the download has succeeded. A detailed description of how to test the GoGo Board can be found here.